Épicéa Souhait

Suspended over a cliff, Épicéa Souhait will delight you with its warm colors,
charm and the many trees going through the house.

Perfect to spend a romantic night with a breathtaking view of the Dordogne river.
Superficy of  20m², this cabin for lovers has a fabulous location. You will adore
having your meals and breakfasts on its panoramic terrace.

Its specificities :
- its dimensions that allow you to have dinner there all year around
- its vertiginous location
- its view on the Dordogne river

Epicea Souhait1
Epicea Souhait2
Epicea Souhait3
Epicea Souhait4
Epicea Souhait5
Epicea Souhait6
Epicea Souhait7
Epicea Souhait8
Epicea Souhait9
Epicea Souhait10
Epicea Souhait11

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